5 Dropshipping Solutions That Can Help You Automate Your Business Routine

5 Dropshipping  Solutions That Can Help You Automate Your Business Routine

Dropshipping is advertised as simple and easy to start, positioned to be especially good for first-time merchants and so on. Basically, the main advantage of drop-shipping in ecommerce logistics is the ability to sell products online directly from the supplier, but with no need to keep your own warehouse and handle the shipping. Let’s look at some of the top drop-shipping platforms in more details in order for you not to get lost in their variety and pick the most suitable one for your business.

Inventory Source:

Inventory Source allows picking one of the four plans which would best suit the company’s needs and budget, the first plan being totally free. Also, this platform does its best to automate such routine tasks as uploading product information to your existing website or automatically updating products info daily if any changes are made by the supplier.



Hublogix is an e-Commerce backend automation platform focused on cutting down the efforts and time online entrepreneurs spend on operations from check-out to product delivery, including inventory management, order routing and shipment tracking. Hublogix will help to automatically keep track of the real-time inventory levels.

Dropship Commerce:

Dropship Commerce

Dropship is a B2B integration SaaS platform which works to maximally automate integrations between retailers and suppliers, helping them exchange products, inventory, and order data. Dropship Commerce also offers a wide range of integration tools to suit any customer already using certain business applications or sales channels.

Spark Shipping:

Spark Shipping helps to save time by automatically processing orders being sent to specific suppliers in the required format. It also does a good job with synchronizing stock levels with the vendors, automatically updating inventory and routing orders. However, this solution isn’t recommended for total start-ups that haven’t worked up any orders yet.

Etail Solutions:

Etail Solutions

Etail Solutions works on the basis that integrates all your sales channels within one interface. This software automates various daily workflow procedures and decreases the need for additional staff as the business grows. It manages inventory across all channels and automatically replenishes popular items by making purchase orders.

Author – Pragyan Sharma

Content Writer at Buildabazaar – The best enterprise ecommerce platform in India.

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How Does Ecommerce Store Drive More Profit by Free Shipping?

Ecommerce Store Drive More Profit by Free ShippingThe prospect of not paying additional shipping charges by ecommerce logistics for goods purchased online is a very attractive proposition for consumers and they will be more than willing to buy from ecommerce shipping solutions. This can give you a major competitive lead over other online businesses. You will need to assess the real possibilities to offer free shipping because it is not worth offering it if you can’t turn it into something profitable. So, how does free shipping helps ecommerce stores drive more traffic?

Reduces Cart Abandonment
Reduces Cart AbandonmentIf your customers really appreciate your products then they will agree more to pay for shipping. But even your biggest fans will follow the trend at some point and expect free shipping possibility. There are different possibilities to explain why customers want free shipping.

Customers Love The Word “Free”
The idea of getting something free, whatever it is, will always be tempting. When customers see something “free” they unconsciously give it more value. Even when they compare the free item or service to what could be a better deal. The power of getting something “free” is important.

More Choices For Customers
More Choices For CustomersWhen your customer sees the free option available they will be forced to choose between their desire to get more things, which induce spending more but getting something free at the same time or paying shipping fees.

Free Shipping on Returns, Minimum purchase, Specific items, Time and Location specific
If you offer free shipping for a minimum order value, you will motivate the customer to buy more on your website because they will think they are in control of the amount they spend. It’s actually common practice for many online retailers to offer the free shipping option only on specific items – those items where the profit margin is higher and the shipping cost is easily absorbed. Some retailers offer a “free ship to store” option, where customers order online and pick up items from the retailer’s closest physical store. Offering free shipping during the holiday season or special days might get you more orders since there’s more competition around those times of year and customers are expecting free shipment offers to be at their highest.

Author – Pragyan Sharma
Content Writer at Buildabazaar – The best ecommerce platform to create online store in India.

A Step-by-Step Guide For eCommerce Shipping Solutions To Make It Profitable

A Step-by-Step Guide For eCommerce Shipping Solutions To Make It ProfitableThe first thing that comes to mind when you get down to build online store, is whether anyone will buy their products or not. Will the package reach your customer on time and in a brand new condition? There could be bad road condition or bad weather condition, or both – affecting the eCommerce logistics. Or the product could be perishable ones and rot before being delivered the customer, or somebody could steal the package or overloading of commodities on bad roads which are also called Transit Risks. So it would be challenge in itself to deliver goods – not just on time but in a good condition.

Here is a 5-step guide for all eCommerce shipping solutions to make it profitable:

Assemble The Team: Identifying the right people to help make this decision for your business is the first step. This requires that you bring into the conversation the right stakeholders within your organization.

Define The Goals:
Define The GoalsYou need to define what you want to accomplish with your eCommerce shipping strategy. These could be anything from – Increasing conversions, expanding market or target audience, decreasing cost, improving operational efficiency.

Check Your Shipment:
Check Your ShipmentMake sure that you have noted down the exact address, phone number with the correct Pincode. Also, check if you are shipping the correct product.

Do Test Links: Sometimes, when you shop online, you get a “page cannot be displayed” message. It’s frustrating and you don’t bother visiting the page again. Testing is vital to the smooth-running of a site. whether it is pre-launch or after you’ve implemented a change.

Listen To Your Customers: Your customers will point out things about your business you may have never thought of. After evaluating their suggestions, react soon to build something even better. When customers see you’re listening, you create much deeper ties and foster brand loyalty.

Author – Pragyan Sharma
Content Writer at Buildabazaar – The best eCommerce platform in India.

Ecommerce Shipping Solution For Your Startup

Ecommerce Logistics is definitely one of the most important parts of any online venture. Absolutely unignorable, you need to think of exactly the kind of products that you’re selling and the locations you’re selling them to, in order to ensure that you end up handling your logistical operations in the right manner.

For example, if your product is one that would perish soon, you would need to find a courier partner that would provide you location-specific, and even time-specific services. But in case you have a store that sells, say, music CDs, then you would probably want to cover as many locations as possible.

And then, of course you’ll have to look out for the option that would fit your pocket the best.

So, if you decide to have your store built by the ecommerce platform, BuildaBazaar, you will also be able to benefit from its in-house logistics partner Shipdroid. Instead of going for handling the logistics on your own, or cutting a deal with a courier partner, it would really help if you would tie up with a ecommerce shipping solution which gives you a great many courier options to choose from – and where you even have the choice to change your courier partner according to your products and your needs. And Shipdroid provides exactly that kind of a flexible service.

So get your store created at BuildaBazaar today, and get the benefit of using the services of Shipdroid as well.

Things to look out for when selecting logistics for your Ecommerce store

No online sale is a successful one until the product effectively reaches the customer – and that of course makes Ecommerce Logistics one of the most important parts of any online venture.

Now, as much as one would think of opting to ship and fulfil orders in-house in the beginning stage of the business, when the cash-flow is tight – hiring a third-party logistics partner almost always proves to be a better option. With time, as the business grows, not will just a Logistics partner prove to be more effective without you having to hire any staff for the same, you will also be able to save money by cashing in on the packaging and shipping costs of your partner.

This said, the next question, and the more important one, is how to choose the perfect Ecommerce Shipping Solution. So, here are a few things that you should look for in a Logistics-provider, before deciding to make it your Logistics partner:

See whether the Ecommerce Courier Service packages and ships according to your needs:


Image Source:

You might be selling shirts, which would need a completely different kind of packaging than say, something more delicate, such as a set of glasses. Or you could be running a bakery, needing immediate delivery within limited time and within limited locality, as compared to selling books which would need a pan-Indian approach to shipping.

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Unless your business demands you to make location-specific product deliveries, like if you’re a baker or a florist, it’s difficult for an online venture to survive without a pan-Indian shipping policy. So you need to make sure that your Logistics partner is able to deliver to especially those areas where you get most orders from.

Insure your Products:

product insurance

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Though not much, but there’s always a risk of your customer either never receiving the product, or receiving it in a damaged condition. It could be result of an n number of things – wrong labelling, some infrastructural problem, or something completely out of control of the courier company. So one of the first things you need to do is understand the insurance policy of your shipping partner, and make sure you’re in complete agreement with it.



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Probably the deciding factor for most businesses, cost plays an important role in how one chooses their logistics partner. While some courier companies may ask for a substantial amount of deposit and a minimum volume commitment, it is necessary to understand that the pricing is usually not just dependent on the sales volume, but also the seller-logistics company relationship. In the long run, such good business relationship accompanied by a consistent shipping volume, could very well turn to reduced shipping rates for the seller.


Choosing the right Logistics partner – a company that fulfils all the above criteria – and makes the logistical operation of the business a smooth affair, is definitely no piece of cake. But, there is one service that you could easily rely on. BuildaBazaar, a SAAS-based platform, which lets you set up your own online store, houses the logistics company Shipdroid. So, deciding to create your webstore with BuildaBazaar as your partner, also gives you the opportunity to ensure seamless shipping of your products by  working with its very efficient in-house logistics partner Shipdroid.