How Does Ecommerce Store Drive More Profit by Free Shipping?

Ecommerce Store Drive More Profit by Free ShippingThe prospect of not paying additional shipping charges by ecommerce logistics for goods purchased online is a very attractive proposition for consumers and they will be more than willing to buy from ecommerce shipping solutions. This can give you a major competitive lead over other online businesses. You will need to assess the real possibilities to offer free shipping because it is not worth offering it if you can’t turn it into something profitable. So, how does free shipping helps ecommerce stores drive more traffic?

Reduces Cart Abandonment
Reduces Cart AbandonmentIf your customers really appreciate your products then they will agree more to pay for shipping. But even your biggest fans will follow the trend at some point and expect free shipping possibility. There are different possibilities to explain why customers want free shipping.

Customers Love The Word “Free”
The idea of getting something free, whatever it is, will always be tempting. When customers see something “free” they unconsciously give it more value. Even when they compare the free item or service to what could be a better deal. The power of getting something “free” is important.

More Choices For Customers
More Choices For CustomersWhen your customer sees the free option available they will be forced to choose between their desire to get more things, which induce spending more but getting something free at the same time or paying shipping fees.

Free Shipping on Returns, Minimum purchase, Specific items, Time and Location specific
If you offer free shipping for a minimum order value, you will motivate the customer to buy more on your website because they will think they are in control of the amount they spend. It’s actually common practice for many online retailers to offer the free shipping option only on specific items – those items where the profit margin is higher and the shipping cost is easily absorbed. Some retailers offer a “free ship to store” option, where customers order online and pick up items from the retailer’s closest physical store. Offering free shipping during the holiday season or special days might get you more orders since there’s more competition around those times of year and customers are expecting free shipment offers to be at their highest.

Author – Pragyan Sharma
Content Writer at Buildabazaar – The best ecommerce platform to create online store in India.


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