Ecommerce Shipping Solution For Your Startup

Ecommerce Logistics is definitely one of the most important parts of any online venture. Absolutely unignorable, you need to think of exactly the kind of products that you’re selling and the locations you’re selling them to, in order to ensure that you end up handling your logistical operations in the right manner.

For example, if your product is one that would perish soon, you would need to find a courier partner that would provide you location-specific, and even time-specific services. But in case you have a store that sells, say, music CDs, then you would probably want to cover as many locations as possible.

And then, of course you’ll have to look out for the option that would fit your pocket the best.

So, if you decide to have your store built by the ecommerce platform, BuildaBazaar, you will also be able to benefit from its in-house logistics partner Shipdroid. Instead of going for handling the logistics on your own, or cutting a deal with a courier partner, it would really help if you would tie up with a ecommerce shipping solution which gives you a great many courier options to choose from – and where you even have the choice to change your courier partner according to your products and your needs. And Shipdroid provides exactly that kind of a flexible service.

So get your store created at BuildaBazaar today, and get the benefit of using the services of Shipdroid as well.


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