Why Online Retailers Should Invest In eCommerce Mobile App?

After being a witness of such explosive growth in the niche of mobile app for ecommerce, in last 12 months. It is anticipated that about 50% of the online retail sales will be done through mobile based shopping apps by the end of 2018. In short, mobile app for ecommerce are no less than a holy grail of ecommerce online shopping.

And recently, with the advent of 4G Technology, newer and faster networks, a rise in the number of users of these networks, and more affordable 3G and 4G handsets will help to increase data traffic. However, the key driver of data growth on a global scale is mobile apps, particularly mobile video apps. The availability of more affordable 4G handsets is also fuelling growth in data traffic. The increase in affordable 4G-enabled handsets and 4G services, will collectively boost traffic. By 2018, 4G users will generate 46 percent of all mobile data traffic.

An ecommerce online shop app isn’t just a ‘good-to-have’ element for your business any more now. Instead, a mobile app is a potential channel to grow and survive in the competitive retail market. The shoppers buying preferences and methods are changing fast. They enjoy using mobile apps for retail shopping and get whatever they want by making a few taps on their phone screens.

All the little problems that can occur on managing a website can be far easier to remove or fix on an ecommerce mobile app builder. With the availability of various channels as an ecommerce app builder, the customers have numerous smartphones and tablet gadgets to buy. This is why cross-channel selling absolutely makes sense.

These apps are certainly an add-on to your cross channel selling as well as the vital element that you must add to the network. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the growth of eCommerce apps. One of the primary tactics that retailers utilize is figuring out a way to make it easier for a customer to purchase goods or services by simply tapping a button on their phone.


4 Social Media Analytics Tools To Boost Conversions

The most important conversations of your brand usually don’t involve you. These are usually being talked about on social media – be it good or bad. If you want to increase the sales you need to be more active and engaging yourself on social media.

There are many tools which help you track and convert your sales big time. These social media tools are used by many big ecommerce platform. One of those best ecommerce platform is BuildaBazaar which helps you to create online store.

AddShoppers : Identify your biggest influencers, and report down to the product level. The sharing buttons allow you to identify Influencers and reward sharing with coupons, which increases shares and encourages shoppers to not abandon your site to search for a coupon code.

InviteReferrals : With InviteReferrals you can integrate your store with multiple referral program widgets which are also compatible with mobile applications. Get detailed analytics including site visits, sales, influential referrals and track data about individual customer.

Curebit : Grow your business through customer referrals. An absolute referral strategy to boost your customer base. Build your own customer referral program and track to reward both existing and new customer. Get 100% customization and support from experienced referral team for Enterprise Plan.

Refiral : Refiral helps online businesses boost sales threefold by increasing their conversion rates, acquiring new customers as well as retaining their customers. With Refiral, launch your social viral referral campaign virally. Run personalized, easy to integrate, fully automated marketing campaigns.

How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service Through Mobile Apps

We know that mobile is here to stay. As the trend continues to create online store, companies which create online store – have an opportunity to develop, from the ground up, customer-service strategies for mobile devices.

The good news is that when creating solutions that are tailored to mobile, companies have the opportunity to create platforms that are well thought out and customized to how users expect to interact with a brand or product. There is no shortage of options available for managing mobile apps, as there are plenty of them to incorporate in your store websites.

One of the best ecommerce platform, which uses some customer service mobile apps is BuildaBazaar – which helps it to deal with its customers better.

Qualaroo: helps in getting insights to improve your store experience by understanding what your visitors want. Qualaroo helps you convert traffic into customers. Uncover critical insights that help you reduce abandonment rates and increase revenue with conversion.

B’Alive: A live chat app which provides ticketing feature to manage your customer support more efficiently. Easy to install Live Chat widget, Integrated CRM features, Chat history for future reference, Complete statistics of visitors and customer analytics.

Kudobuzz: You can generate more reviews for your site through social media and our After Purchase Mail feature. With Kudobuzz smart SEO engine your reviews are optimized for search engines to raise the rankings of your products in search results.

Viralmint: Enhances your e-store with that helps you boost sales, improve website conversions, build engagement, increase brand visibility and much more. Helps in turning your website visitor into brand advocates through social marketing platform.

Inventory Mobile Apps That Can Prove To Be Great Stress-busters!

Businesses and online stores must manage, control, and track inventory at any time and from anywhere. Today, inventory management is even more crucial to success and sustainability, as business transactions take place on a global scale and cover multiple locations. Manually entering, tracking, and counting inventory is nearly impossible by today’s industry standards.

So, technology companies and firms have designed and developed inventory management, control, and tracking apps to make inventory data entry, search, and visualization possible from any location and at any time using smartphones and tablets.

So, what are some noteworthy inventory management apps, currently?

Goods Order Inventory: Stay connected to your business and inventory with Goods Order Inventory. Manage multiple locations, users, and mobile access. Real-time inventory synching to create, disperse, manage, and track. Barcode scanning with mobile devices. User-friendly interfaces with easy navigation.

PlumSlice: BuildaBazaar is one such platform which uses this Inventory Management. It ensures all departments and systems have the same accurate information at all times by providing a cloud based collaborative product information repository for all pertinent content, including data, images, and video. It’s centralized approval and workflow mechanism eliminates the need to manage this information on multiple spread- sheets and/or systems.

Centralises your product data to avoid duplicate work before putting it online, Digital Asset Management, Maintain Data Consistency across channels like mobile, web and physical stores, Eliminate siloed information residing across organisation

On Shelf: An inventory management app geared toward small business, On Shelf for iPad gives users the ability to sync between iPads and easily access items using the built-in barcode reader. With On Shelf, you can spend less time managing your inventory and more time managing your business. Analysis and sales reports, color-coded current inventory, track product movement using the barcode reader.

How To Track Your Mobile App Conversions

When you are engaged with an online store builder, let’s take for example, BuildaBazaar – to understand the meaning behind downloads for mobile app , you need to know how to track conversions effectively.

A conversion is when a mobile app boosts sales, whether directly or indirectly. However, harnessing the data behind downloads can help you learn how to measure and increase conversions.

To track these conversions, store builders provide many ecommerce solutions in the way of mobile apps. So, how exactly you can track your conversions? Let’s read on:

Define Conversions: Define your conversion goals before you start cracking your download data so you know what to look for. For example, BuildaBazaar uses JustUno to convert its traffic into social fans. An advanced marketing tool which helps you engage your website visitors and boost social reach.

Understand Download Data: App stores do not allow you to track cookies, Javascript, or other data beyond downloads. You need to know how users found your app in the first place. Additionally, find out what happens after users download, how they use your app, and what draws the most attention – ads, emails, texts, mobile webs, QR codes, etc.

Tweak Your App: Once you have the data to understand what’s working for you, as well as what isn’t, it’s time to make a plan so you can optimize your app. Tracking your app installations should be just as important as tracking any other form of user engagement.

BuildaBazaar is one ecommerce software which uses Dropifi – which helps you analyse each customer interaction to get better business insights. With dropifi you can get social graph of your customers and use it to generate more leads. And Markerly, you can identify key influencers for your marketing and target them rightly. Fully understand the impact of your campaign with reports and charts. Keep track of your campaign’s reach and voice.

How To Choose Payment Gateways For Your Online Store

Which payment gateway should you use to build online store? With dozens of online payment processing options to choose from, it can be a complicated decision. Most difficult task isn’t only to decide which platform is the best one, but also the different factors that you need to take into consideration when deciding which gateway is best for your specific needs.

Is the payment gateway supported on your ecommerce platform?
Which ecommerce platform are you going to be using? Something SaaS-based like BuildaBazaar or Shopify, perhaps? Whichever platform you’ve chosen to create a store, where possible, choose a payment gateway that already has a plugin for your platform.

Do you want a payment gateway and merchant account or an all-in-one payment service provider?
Some payment providers such as SagePay or PayPoint offer just a payment gateway. They require you to have your own merchant account. Other payment providers such as PayPal, which is used by BuildaBazaar, offer a combined payment gateway and merchant account.

What are the fees?
Payment gateways and merchant accounts charge various different fees that can include monthly fees, fixed fees per transaction, variable fees based on a percentage of transaction amount. You can use a comparison website such as PaymentBrain to get an overview.

Does the payment gateway do what you need?
Perhaps you want to act as a marketplace, taking payments on behalf of sellers who are listing on your site. Perhaps you want all your payments under one roof?  Most payment gateways like direcpay and Billdesk, provide the integration, which are used by BuildaBazaar helping customers in easy payments.

How long is the contract?
Historically, some payment providers have been known to lock merchants into lengthy contracts of two years or more. This can be a problem if you find you’re not happy with the provider for some reason after signing. Other providers are happy to have merchants using them on a monthly rolling contract. Make sure you understand which sort you’re signing up to. BuildaBazaar provides a proper pricing plan for everyone ranging from Silver, Gold, Gold plus. And a free trial of 15 days.

5 Customer Service Apps That Are A Must!

We live in a tech-influenced world, it has changed our life in many different ways. People are becoming more and more tech-savvy. As the years passed, mobiles have become almost an indispensable part of our life. We use our smartphone not only to make calls and text message but also for – online shopping, for booking tickets to doing online transactions and much more.

Now when we talk about going online through the mobile app – there are many companies that might offer the same thing that you and your company are offering. Then how it will make you stand out in this competition and become a trendsetter? It is the customer support apps that you provide to your customers at every step, which actually matters.

And for that matter, there is a huge collection of customer service apps, which every business must have with them. Here are some of them:

Brandify What your customers talk about your company – this solution monitors your company’s online assets and reputation to make sure you hear all the good and bad things your customers are saying about your brand.

Schedule Max Gone are the days when customers would call and book appointments. Now they can do it online on any mobile or desktop device. It will even send them reminders of upcoming appointments.

Live Chat Customers often surf your website and have questions. This embedded chat window enables them to know which page your customers are on and also, to talk to them directly when they need help.

Click With Me Now To offer the best customer service, you often need to share the customer’s screen. In one click, and without downloading any software or registering for an account – this app can do it all.

Help Scout Responding to customers over and over again for the same issues can be time consuming. This solution makes it easy for the support center reps to focus online customer engagement through customizable email templates and automated responses.