Know Best Features of a Perfect Ecommerce Theme Store

When a customer steps into your website to make purchase, they not only look up for the product feature rather they look up for a whole store experience. Your eCommerce theme store is one the most important aspect of your online business.

It is the design that marks the first impression about what the customer sees when looking to buy from your store. In general it is the layout and overall look and feel of your website template that plays an important role.

BuildaBazaar’s theme storeThemeJungle has 100+ premium and professional online store themes. In the article below I have compiled the must have features to be kept in mind by retailers that will help them identify the right theme for their Ecommerce store.

  • Uncluttered Navigation- Keep It Simple

It is important for theme stores to provide with themes that have minimum navigation. As it becomes quite tacky when customers have to navigate a lot to search for their product. Thus choose a template for your ecommerce store  that has the least amount of “levels” to navigate, making it easy for your visitors to perform search.

  • Responsive and Approachable Design

With increasing number of mobile users and mobile devices it becomes important for your ecommerce website to be responsive. All the themes in the BuildaBazaar’s theme store have responsive design, meaning the website templates layouts just fit every screen, giving an optimal viewing experience to your customers.

  • Large And Beautiful Banners- All About UI and UX

An attractive ecommerce website template lets you showcase your offers and discounts in an prominent way. A decent mix of product pages, large banners and offer banners makes sure that your customer can see what they’re buying from a few different angles. Similarly one need to make sure that the images are not too large  and shouldn’t take up too much of a user’s screen. All the themes of ThemeJungle are perfect in giving the best UI and UX experience.

  • A Well Drafted Blog

While choosing any of the ThemeJungle’s theme make sure you have a well-designed blog layout, giving you a good hold in all your content marketing activities. All themes in the BuildaBazaar’s theme store include a featured blog, with featured images making sure it fit well with the store.

  • Proper Documentation

Providing with the best theme isn’t the only thing to keep in mind , we at ThemeJungle make sure that our retailers stay clear-headed about the technology and updates in the theme. All themes of ThemeJungle are well documented, make sure to check these out before making your decision.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

This feature ensures that your theme works well different browser. Basically you need to make sure that the theme looks fantastic in all the browsers. The themes of ThemeJungle are cross-checked for appearance, functionality and code over multiple browser.

  • Speed

It is good to have number of features in an website template, but one need to make sure that these feature should not slow down the loading speed of your online store. Though all the themes of ThemeJungle give good experience with the design and is even fast and efficiently coded on SaaS platform.

Visit ThemeJungle and BuildaBazaar today, select from the best online store themes for your ecommerce store now. All the themes are equipped with the listed feature making you stand out of the crowd.



E-commerce Business is expected to touch $50-55 billion by 2021

ecommerce-businessE-commerce businesses are growing at a pace which is not expected to slow down any sooner in the near future. The number of ecommerce stores that are being opened recently, and so quickly – is a sign that this just might be the beginning only. Even after so many years being passed in this ecommerce business industry. The stores which provide various ecommerce solutions to every niche of people – are frequently being opened up as ecommerce platforms for small businesses.

And looking at the growth rate a recent report by Reporters Association of India and Boston Consulting Group revealed that – e-commerce market is expected to be at $50-55 billion by 2021 from the current $6-8 billions. The digital opportunity sectors that could see maximum e-commerce penetration – would be consumer electronics, apparel, homeware and furniture, luxury, health, FMCG and food and grocery.

Going Digital Is The Mantra

Going Digital Is The MantraIn order to take advantage of the current digital wave, companies will have to digitize their core business, to unlock significant value. Besides, consumer engagement, integrating all the channels of sale from website and mobile to in-store, and collaborating with marketplaces is key. In the last three years alone digital buying has increased from 3 percent in 2013, to 23 percent in 2016. The overall digital influence on consumers has increased from 9 percent to 30 percent during the same period.

The report reveals discounts has taken a backseat and convenience has scored over, with the customers. From 40 percent in 2014, to more than 55 percent purchase online is due to convenience, rather than discounts. This convenience has been emphasized by the digital purchasing. Which has been catalyzed by progress in infrastructure, including falling smartphone prices, reducing data charges, and rising smartphone penetration. Similarly, social media adoption has increased 2.9 times from 8 percent to 23 percent in the same time period.

Author – Pragyan Sharma
Content Writer at Buildabazaar – an ecommerce solutions service provider catered according to your needs.

BuildaBazaar – Best Ecommerce Platform

Based on the cloud-based technology, Software as a Service, BuildaBazaar is the largest as well as the best ecommerce platform of the country to create online stores, for both startups and enterprises.

Launched by the Indian ecommerce marketplace giant, Infibeam, about half a decade back – BuildaBazaar was one of the first ecommerce solutions that our country saw.

Having served clients such as Crossword, Spykar, Hidesign, V.I.P, Airtel, Adlabs Imagica, and many many others, it has now crossed the 54000 mark as far as the total number of stores served by the platform goes.

BuildaBazaar’s platform being SAAS-based, makes it extremely easy to use – as the merchant does not have to be a web designer or a programmer, or hire any other professional to build them an online store.

In addition to this, they also have an in-house shipping partner – Shipdroid. By giving its clients a wide array of courier options to choose from, it helps its clients fulfill their orders on time, without any hassle.

Another important part of any ecommerce platform is its customer support system. And with BuildaBazaar providing a great customer service via multiple channels – such as call, email, and chat, it does prove itself to be a fantastic choice for an ecommerce platform.