5 Simple Steps To Help You Create An Affiliate Ecommerce Store That Wins Customers

Create An Affiliate Ecommerce Store That Wins CustomersAffiliate marketing is a marketing channel which is solely based on performance to sell your products online. And it also has one of the lowest cost-per-transaction ratios among all digital channels in online stores. An affiliate business requires selection of products, marketing and few other things. You don’t need any technical expertise for this. All you need is some knowledge of internet and basics of ecommerce to cash in on the ecommerce business opportunities in India

Select The Right Products:
Select The Right ProductsThis selection needs to be based on the current market demand for the products, product pricing, discount offered, overall rating and review of the product. You will have to do your initial bit of research first that the product is good and there are people who are interested in purchasing it along with the terms & conditions associated with it.

Find What People Are Searching For:
Once you have selected the products, you need to find the right set of search terms that are associated with those keywords. You should use the Google keyword planner tool to select the right mix of words. You will need to select keywords that have a large search volume. Typically select keywords that have at least 10,000 search volume.

Evaluate The competition:
You will need to study and understand the competition – product, USP, features, pricing, delivery time, refund policy, SEO implementation, key benefits of your product and target audience.

Choose The Technology:
Choose The TechnologyDecide whether you want a blog or landing pages or you want to be an aggregator of a comparison site. Is it content, is it technology, is it UI or something else – where does your strength lie? Choosing the right technology is important as you don’t want to change your platform every few months.

Choose your marketing channels:
Choose your marketing channels
You need to get enough traffic at a cost that will give you profits. One way to reduce costs is to get more of SEO traffic or referral traffic. Another way is to optimize your paid campaigns.

Author – Pragyan Sharma
Content Writer at Buildabazaar – Best ecommerce store builder in India.


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