Why Online Retailers Should Invest In eCommerce Mobile App?

After being a witness of such explosive growth in the niche of mobile app for ecommerce, in last 12 months. It is anticipated that about 50% of the online retail sales will be done through mobile based shopping apps by the end of 2018. In short, mobile app for ecommerce are no less than a holy grail of ecommerce online shopping.

And recently, with the advent of 4G Technology, newer and faster networks, a rise in the number of users of these networks, and more affordable 3G and 4G handsets will help to increase data traffic. However, the key driver of data growth on a global scale is mobile apps, particularly mobile video apps. The availability of more affordable 4G handsets is also fuelling growth in data traffic. The increase in affordable 4G-enabled handsets and 4G services, will collectively boost traffic. By 2018, 4G users will generate 46 percent of all mobile data traffic.

An ecommerce online shop app isn’t just a ‘good-to-have’ element for your business any more now. Instead, a mobile app is a potential channel to grow and survive in the competitive retail market. The shoppers buying preferences and methods are changing fast. They enjoy using mobile apps for retail shopping and get whatever they want by making a few taps on their phone screens.

All the little problems that can occur on managing a website can be far easier to remove or fix on an ecommerce mobile app builder. With the availability of various channels as an ecommerce app builder, the customers have numerous smartphones and tablet gadgets to buy. This is why cross-channel selling absolutely makes sense.

These apps are certainly an add-on to your cross channel selling as well as the vital element that you must add to the network. As technology continues to evolve, so too will the growth of eCommerce apps. One of the primary tactics that retailers utilize is figuring out a way to make it easier for a customer to purchase goods or services by simply tapping a button on their phone.


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