4 Social Media Analytics Tools To Boost Conversions

The most important conversations of your brand usually don’t involve you. These are usually being talked about on social media – be it good or bad. If you want to increase the sales you need to be more active and engaging yourself on social media.

There are many tools which help you track and convert your sales big time. These social media tools are used by many big ecommerce platform. One of those best ecommerce platform is BuildaBazaar which helps you to create online store.

AddShoppers : Identify your biggest influencers, and report down to the product level. The sharing buttons allow you to identify Influencers and reward sharing with coupons, which increases shares and encourages shoppers to not abandon your site to search for a coupon code.

InviteReferrals : With InviteReferrals you can integrate your store with multiple referral program widgets which are also compatible with mobile applications. Get detailed analytics including site visits, sales, influential referrals and track data about individual customer.

Curebit : Grow your business through customer referrals. An absolute referral strategy to boost your customer base. Build your own customer referral program and track to reward both existing and new customer. Get 100% customization and support from experienced referral team for Enterprise Plan.

Refiral : Refiral helps online businesses boost sales threefold by increasing their conversion rates, acquiring new customers as well as retaining their customers. With Refiral, launch your social viral referral campaign virally. Run personalized, easy to integrate, fully automated marketing campaigns.


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