How To Pick Logistics Solutions For Your Ecommerce Websites

Picking a logistic solution for your ecommerce software website is one of the toughest decisions that business owners have to make. The size of every company, their delivery rate and their budget everything is different. However, a little knowledge about the many game players in the field can also make it easy for you to pick out a service.

There are options available for every online store builder to choose a right logistics solution for their website. They can create their own department, or they can give responsibility to third party and they can even work jointly with a third party service.

There are ecommerce solutions for choosing right logistics for their website. Many owners like Shopify and BuildaBazaar use logistics solution for better shipping and management of their products and orders.

BuildaBazaar uses one of the best logistic services Shipdroid. It offers innovative one stop shop right from automatic allocation of courier to dispatch to last mile delivery of packages. It enables e-commerce merchants to seamlessly integrate with a host of courier service providers in India on a single platform while maintaining uniformity of entire logistics/fulfillment process across all courier partners. Over the years, Shipdroid has become an affordable partner of choice for its clients.

Merchants can choose from variety of cost ­based service­ plans based on their needs, budget and products being sold. Merchants can also choose from variety of delivery commitment SLAs and mode of delivery which enables them to opt for surface, rail or air mode. Alternatively they can opt for express delivery time or regular delivery time. Merchants have access to over 20,000 pin­ codes within India, the largest reach provided by any of the logistics partner alone.


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