Leverage Tools Offered By Ecommerce Platforms To Grow Your Business

Definition of an ecommerce “platform” is where you can build online store which has the flexibility for you to keep adding more and more advanced functions to help leverage even more growth when you are ready. Some of the best platforms include BuildaBazaar with 50,000+ stores and counting.

The best eCommerce platform allows you to keep adding tools to your online store not only to help your business grow, but just as importantly, the tools can free up a significant portion of your time. There comes a point when you reach that level where you need more advanced tools to grow your business.

BuildaBazaar offers multitude of app services that help you create online store customer friendly. Also, If you have an app service that helps the online portals become user friendly, then too, you can feature your app on Buildabazaar’s e-commerce apps marketplace. For an instance, there is a free app and plugins of Paytm app available on Buildabazaar’s platform. Whatever your need may be, like having a live chat app on your store, converting traffic into social fans or even designing, sending and sharing e-mail newsletters, there are myriad apps available on app store.

These platforms Marketplace Integration Apps with features like Sales & Marketing, Shipping / Fulfillment, Inventory / Order Management, Customer Service, Accounting, Reporting / Analytics.

There are two important apps while leveraging your business to grow more:

Order Management Apps: An order management app allows your online store to automatically communicate your orders to your warehouse or fulfillment center in the right format, without you having to deal with any administrative work. Some of these apps offered by BuildaBazaar include: Plumslice and Unicommerce.

Accounting Apps: An accounting app can integrate your store with specific accounting software. So you don’t have to manually export data, put them in the proper format, and then import them into your accounting software. The accounting app will allow your online store to “talk” to your accounting software, and your financial data will automatically get integrated into your accounting software, saving you from hours of administrative work on a monthly basis, not to mention it will save you from making costly mistakes.


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