How To Track Your Mobile App Conversions

When you are engaged with an online store builder, let’s take for example, BuildaBazaar – to understand the meaning behind downloads for mobile app , you need to know how to track conversions effectively.

A conversion is when a mobile app boosts sales, whether directly or indirectly. However, harnessing the data behind downloads can help you learn how to measure and increase conversions.

To track these conversions, store builders provide many ecommerce solutions in the way of mobile apps. So, how exactly you can track your conversions? Let’s read on:

Define Conversions: Define your conversion goals before you start cracking your download data so you know what to look for. For example, BuildaBazaar uses JustUno to convert its traffic into social fans. An advanced marketing tool which helps you engage your website visitors and boost social reach.

Understand Download Data: App stores do not allow you to track cookies, Javascript, or other data beyond downloads. You need to know how users found your app in the first place. Additionally, find out what happens after users download, how they use your app, and what draws the most attention – ads, emails, texts, mobile webs, QR codes, etc.

Tweak Your App: Once you have the data to understand what’s working for you, as well as what isn’t, it’s time to make a plan so you can optimize your app. Tracking your app installations should be just as important as tracking any other form of user engagement.

BuildaBazaar is one ecommerce software which uses Dropifi – which helps you analyse each customer interaction to get better business insights. With dropifi you can get social graph of your customers and use it to generate more leads. And Markerly, you can identify key influencers for your marketing and target them rightly. Fully understand the impact of your campaign with reports and charts. Keep track of your campaign’s reach and voice.


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