4 Open Source Email Marketing Solutions to Connect With Customers

Ecommerce business owners have many choices when it comes to shopping carts or ecommerce platforms — almost all of which claim to be easy to deploy and manage.

Email marketing is a valuable tool for any ecommerce business. You can tell your customers about your latest in-store promotions or offer tips and advice to improve your brand image. These four free open source email marketing programs are worth a look. You will need your own server, though.

Here are some best email marketing solutions which help to create online store of yours:

OpenEMM: OpenEMM is a Web-based enterprise application for email marketing, newsletters and service mails. Features include an easy interface, bounce management, link tracking, a CMS module and real-time analytics tracking.

poMMo: An open source mass-mailing software which adds a mailing list to your website, though it can also be used for standalone mailings. It installs in two minutes and is compatible with all common Web hosts. Features of poMMo include flexible mailing management, the ability to create subscriber groups, subscriber base import and export, and WYSIWYG HTML email creation.

MailChimp: An email marketing tool which helps you target your customers, all at once. It is integrated by one of the best ecommerce platform – BuildaBazaar to track all your email marketing campaigns, whether it’s your e-commerce newsletter or any kinds of promotional emailers. This bulk email marketing tool allows to customize your display with a widget or designed templates.

phpList: This one-way email announcement delivery system uses a Web interface that makes it easy to write and send messages. Features include support for more than 100,000 subscribers, message delivery management, click tracking for links and URLs, templates and bounce processing.


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