Have A Small Business? Check Out These Ecommerce Software Platforms!

If you already have a business website, a good option is to integrate a standalone shopping cart—including open-source shopping carts—for ecommerce functionality. This is a good fit for those who want more control but would otherwise need technical expertise to host and manage an ecommerce site.

Another option that suits every online store builder is hosted ecommerce software. A hosted solution will provide everything from domain name registration to the tools you need to build an ecommerce website, including the shopping cart, with minimal tech and website design knowledge required.

To find the best fit for your business, you need to look at what is most important to you and research the vendors offering complete ecommerce solutions.

Bigcommerce: Bigcommerce offers ample features for hosting, store design, SEO, mobile commerce, marketing and inventory—plus you can integrate your online Web stores with eBay listings from within the Bigcommerce platform.

Intuit’s ecommerce: It offers a simple point and click interface that makes it easy to create and publish a store that you can update at any time. With Intuit Websites, you’ll get everything needed to design and launch an online store, including the domain name, hosting, the SimpleStore ecommerce software, a site builder tool and online payments via Intuit merchant accounts.

BuildaBazaar: It has plans for both small and big store owners. It provides email-marketing, marketplace integration with big platforms, has digital catalogue management, CRM, CMS. It has analytics and reporting, SEO optimization, logistics support, social media apps, customer support apps and templates too to customize.

Shopify: Shopify hosted ecommerce lets you pick a template, optimize the design, add a product catalog, organize your products and create blog posts from a single administration dashboard. Marketing tools for SEO and coupon codes to help sell items are also available. Shopify integrates with Google Analytics; this lets you automatically track customer purchases and shopping cart transactions connected to Google Analytics data.


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