Top 5 Issues With Online Selling

Every day Indian ecommerce grows a little bigger. Running an online business opposed to an offline one can help a seller avoid obstructions and difficulties like limited shopping hours, restricted access, work pressure etc.

But ecommerce has an ugly side too – and every online seller needs to know about it. Watch out for these ecommerce issues when you sell online :

Cash On Delivery Slowing Down Business
COD has problems like theft, added expenses, restricted cash flow and work delays. In addition to logistic services sellers, reverse logistics also pay for the collection and remittance of the cash collected. Online payment is catching on in many cities but it won’t lead to complete cashless transactions anytime soon.

Customer Loyalty Getting High-maintenance
Customer loyalty programs can draw in more consumers and even make them stay put. But this costs money, causing customer acquisition expenses to skyrocket. When it comes to ecommerce people like to explore. Considering the Indian consumer, price is what makes them wander.

Ecommerce Is Ever Changing
The methods and strategies of conducting ecommerce are never constant. They are subject to change regularly. New technology is another reason for change. With continuous change being a requirement it becomes difficult to keep track of what is going on.

Ecommerce Regulations
Ecommerce’s newness causes issues from the legal perspective. FDI is another legal difficulty for ecommerce groups. It is important to know your role is in the online market and in what way you are legally bound. But with insufficient legal information you may be in for trouble.

Cyber Crime
Online sellers try very hard to be trustworthy. So if one seller on a marketplace sells fake goods, the entire marketplace becomes a suspect. Upon closer inspection, buyers engage in fraudulent activities too.


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