5 Customer Service Apps That Are A Must!

We live in a tech-influenced world, it has changed our life in many different ways. People are becoming more and more tech-savvy. As the years passed, mobiles have become almost an indispensable part of our life. We use our smartphone not only to make calls and text message but also for – online shopping, for booking tickets to doing online transactions and much more.

Now when we talk about going online through the mobile app – there are many companies that might offer the same thing that you and your company are offering. Then how it will make you stand out in this competition and become a trendsetter? It is the customer support apps that you provide to your customers at every step, which actually matters.

And for that matter, there is a huge collection of customer service apps, which every business must have with them. Here are some of them:

Brandify What your customers talk about your company – this solution monitors your company’s online assets and reputation to make sure you hear all the good and bad things your customers are saying about your brand.

Schedule Max Gone are the days when customers would call and book appointments. Now they can do it online on any mobile or desktop device. It will even send them reminders of upcoming appointments.

Live Chat Customers often surf your website and have questions. This embedded chat window enables them to know which page your customers are on and also, to talk to them directly when they need help.

Click With Me Now To offer the best customer service, you often need to share the customer’s screen. In one click, and without downloading any software or registering for an account – this app can do it all.

Help Scout Responding to customers over and over again for the same issues can be time consuming. This solution makes it easy for the support center reps to focus online customer engagement through customizable email templates and automated responses.


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