Important Questions You Need To Ask While Creating An Online Store

If you are in a business of selling goods already – in a brick and mortar store and not online, you could be missing out on a lot of revenue generating opportunities.

When a company starts to build online store, it needs to keep some basics in mind. There are a lot of questions in the mind for that business, from the vendor they are choosing to, how good can be the choice, for that matter.

Here are few important questions to ask while you set your first foot to create a store online:

How do I start building my online store?
Big vendors like BuildaBazaar, lets you upload your product catalog, set-up customer shopping carts, securely accept payments and handle order fulfillment. These services securely host your online store on their own servers. You can link to your online store from your company’s main website.

What type of payment system should I use?
Many shoppers prefer to pay for online purchases with their own credit cards rather than use PayPal or other third-party payment processors. You can obtain a merchant account with each individual credit card company.

How will I handle customer service?
CRM tools document, streamline and structure the many ways merchants interact with customers in one central place, including customer contact information, recent purchases, complaints and pending orders.

How should I determine shipping costs?
The major carriers will calculate shipping costs for you for free, and most major ecommerce vendors allow you to integrate those costs into your store’s checkout section. On the other hand, you may want to consider offering free shipping, at least for orders over a certain amount.

How will I start to attract shoppers?
Placing links to your store’s web address on your company’s main website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts – represent your online store. Updating your company’s social media sites is also advisable for listing store’s SEO content. SEO tactics can give your store a higher ranking in search results.


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