Top 5 Marketplaces Where You Should Start Selling Online

You have your idea, a product, or even a service. You want to sell it, have a brand name, and make a business out of it. What would you do? You need a platform – a market, to start selling those products and services online. Right?

Well now, the same platform gets a little broader. Online selling is as easy it gets. There is no shortage of those portals. Difficulty arises when you have to choose, where to sell? Which portal you should choose after all?

There are many amazing portals, that have come up in a seemingly short span of time, which provide a bigger and better platform to sell online.

Let’s go through top 5 marketplaces where you could start selling online, right away! Some of them you might have even heard of, already.

Amazon: An endeavor, which has been almost since its inception – providing the best marketplace for the sellers, worldwide. It also launched a fixed marketplace zshops in partnership with Sotheby’s which allowed customers to sell used CDs, DVDs and books.

Flipkart: Who hasn’t heard of it? Flipkart marketplace is India’s leading platform for selling online. Be it a manufacturer, vendor or supplier. Through a team of experts offering exclusive seller workshops, training, seller support and convenient seller portal, Flipkart focuses on educating and empowering sellers across India.

Infibeam: Having an annual turnover of $10 billions, it offers millions of unique product selection at unique prices. Customers can make best selection from wide range of products across more than 46 category stores. It recently launched the e-commerce marketplace in association with CCAvenues, with a selection of 15 million products.

Ebay: This defines originality. A Leading brand in e-commerce, which allows sellers to build customized storefronts and branded listing templates. It also allows a merchant full control over titles, images and product descriptions for their catalog.

Snapdeal: India’s most reliable and frictionless commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for sellers. Snapdeal has grown to become one of the largest online marketplace in India offering an assortment of 10 million products across diverse categories from over 100,000 sellers, shipping to more than 5,000 cities in India.

Let’s sell online India, shall we?


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