Logistics and Ecommerce

Logistics being an undeniable part of any Ecommerce venture, you need to be extremely careful the way you choose your shipping partner.

We talk about choosing a third party logistics partner, because there are some inherent problems with handling shipping and fulfilling orders by one’s own self.

First of all, the cost of shipping one item, compared to say 50, is a lot more. So when the cash-flow is tight, going for a third party shipping partner proves to be a better option. It also proves to be a good option, when your business is a fast growing one,and handling all the shipping will become really time-consuming.

Now, the thing with choosing the best courier partner for your business would really depend upon a few things, like – whether it fits your wallet, does it ship to all the locations that you sell your products to, do you find its insurance policy in tandem with your priorities, and most important of all – does it ship products according to your needs (shipping a glass vase would prove to be vastly different from shipping say, a couple of books).

Having said that, we would really recommend you to choose the SAAS-based ecommerce solution, BuildaBazaar, which doesn’t just create online store for its clients, but with excellent in-house shipping partner Shipdroid, has proven to be the best ecommerce platform in the country!

So, build yourself an online store at BuildaBAzaar, today.


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