SAAS and Ecommerce Going Hand-in-Hand – How?

Software as a Service, one of the best inventions of this age, has had probably the greatest application as an ecommerce solution, making it more easier than ever before, to build online stores.

And with this amazing technology in hand, there are the biggest SAAS vendors in the market, like BuildaBazaar, which works as an exceptional online store builder.

One of the biggest advantages of Software as a Service, that no technical knowledge, whatsoever, is needed to create the store. With this technology, and the service available from your eCommerce software, like BuildaBazaar, you need not worry about knowing programming, or hire any programmers; you don’t need to think about updating your software or worry about regular upgrades. Plus, you save a lot of money by not hiring a third party to handle it all for you, and you save a lot of time too – both of which you can employ in getting together the core competencies of the business, like acquiring new customers, and developing your business further.

This is the brilliance of SAAS, and the brilliance of SAAS vendors like BuildaBazaar who are doing it right!


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