How to use customer support apps to boost your sales

Having a strong base is necessary for anything, it especially is when you’re venturing into having a venture of your own.

So, after you’ve built yourself an online store, got your products up, even made a sale, what comes afterwards? How do you know whether the whole process was carried out seamlessly on the customer’s side or not? Or whether your customer received the product or not – whether it was in a good condition or not? So many questions that the customer could have, so many questions that you’d like answered to get a feedback – and all this made possible only with the help of a robust customer support system, and brilliant customer support apps in place.

But with n number of things to take care of, how do you get this extremely important thing right? How do you make sure that this part of your venture doesn’t go haywire?

Here’s an answer for you – BuildaBazaar.

The ecommerce platform started by the marketplace giant Infibeam, BuildaBazaar does exactly what its name says – it build you your online store.

This brilliance of a robust customer support app does not go ignored at BuildaBazaar – a SAAS-based ecommerce platform that completed its 5 years, this year.

Founded by the Indian ecommerce conglomerate, Infibeam, BuildaBazaar is the top ecommerce solution of the country today, and one of the most important reasons behind this, is definitely the multiple customer service apps that it provides to its clients. With customer service apps like Qualaroo, B’Alive, Get Kudos, WebEngage, and a lot more, providing call, chat, email support , as well as  social reviews and user feedbacks, BuildaBazaar offers its merchant stores the opportunity to provide the best services to their customers.


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