How to create online store at zero investment?

Zero investment is no investment at all. And how do you expect to get something without investing even a penny in it?

That looks like one easy question – easy, because the easy answer should have been – nope, it’s not possible.

But that fortunately, isn’t the right answer.

This seemingly easy question has been answered by a SAAS-based solution – the best ecommerce platform that you’ll encounter – with a “Yes, you can!”

Infibeam-founded BuildaBazaar, with its Free plan, offers to create online store  for its clients at no cost at all. Requiring you to only register at BuildaBazaar, you have to pay no set-up fee, and get to upload and sell up to 100 products, and unlimited number of products listed on Infibeam.

You get to have unlimited number of pages and host any number of visitors on your online store. And you also get to customize your store, by being able to select from up to 35 template themes.

Plus, as your business scales further, you and you feel the need to add more products to your catalog, you can always upgrade to one of their other plans – Silver, Gold, or Platinum, in an extremely smooth and seamless way.

So, if you’re looking to enter the world of ecommerce, and aspire to become an entrepreneur, then BuildaBazaar is the perfect destination for you!


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