Reasons you should have Customer Support Apps

Making a sale in a business is only as good, as how well you handle the post-sales scenario. This is one hard fact, that every business owner – whether a startup or not – has to make sure they understand.

And it is during that after-sales period, especially to answer any of the customer’s queries, and also to get a handle on things if they go wrong (during shipping, or while receiving payment, etc.) – that a strong customer support system comes to the rescue.

Think of customer support as the immune system of the body – so every time something alien hits the body, the white blood cells come to the fore.

This brilliance of a robust customer support app does not go ignored at BuildaBazaar – a SAAS-based ecommerce platform that completed its 5 years, this year.

Founded by the Indian ecommerce conglomerate, Infibeam, BuildaBazaar is the top ecommerce solution of the country today, and one of the most important reasons behind this, is definitely the multiple customer service apps that it provides to its clients.

Understanding the need to have a fantastic seller-buyer repo, BuildaBazaar offers its merchant stores, the benefit of customer support apps, like Qualaroo, B’Alive, Get Kudos, WebEngage, and a lot more, providing call, chat, email support , as well as  social reviews and user feedbacks.

So, asking whether to have a sturdy customer support system in place, is like asking whether to have a strong backbone or not. And rest assured, no one provides for a stronger backbone for your business than BuildaBazaar.


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