How not to lose your customers online?

Whatever your business, whether online or offline – customers are undoubtedly the most important part of the whole process, either way.

Now, talking about an ecommerce venture – how does it look for a store which sends an email to its customer some time after making a purchase, saying “Sorry, sir/madam. The item that you purchased is out of stock.” It sure doesn’t look good!

Inventory management, hence forms one of the most important facets of maintaining and increasing your customer base. But, as much as one would like to focus on this front, the problem is that it’s not the only important part of running a successful business. There are so many other things to worry about too, like Logistics, Marketing, and what not.

That’s where an ecommerce solution like BuildaBazaar comes to the rescue. Providing a SAAS-based platform to create your own web store is just the beginning of how it answers the woes of ecommerce entrepreneurs. While there are a lot of features that Infibeam-built BuildaBazaar offers, one of the best ones is an integrated Inventory management system that negates the need for a separate order management apps or a stock management apps.

Whether it’s creating and editing your inventory, or updating it after making a sale, or purging an outdated product, or anything that you would expect of probably a software dedicated to inventory management, is all you can expect of this ecommerce solution, and more.


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