Things to keep in mind while shifting from Retail to Etail

With the number of online shoppers in India expected to go over 100 million, and an annual growth of 8-10% that we are seeing the ecommerce sector in India go through, it comes off as no surprise that retailers today are looking to delve into e-tailing too.

Of course, commerce and ecommerce have certain fundamental similarities that include coming up with a viable product idea, understanding the market for your product, marketing your idea, inventory management, and so on. But, the similarities end pretty much there.

There are certain advantages that an online seller enjoys, apart from being a part of a fast becoming $100 billion industry – the biggest of them being, not needing a proper physical store and being able to work from anywhere.

One of the most important parts of an ecommerce venture forms logistics. You don’t have to worry about shipping your products while selling from a physical shop; an online store, on the other hand, can’t even think about taking logistics for granted.

Another major aspect is getting paid for the products sold. An online entrepreneur doesn’t have the luxury of making a face-to-face transaction with their customers like a retailer has. So, payment gateway integration is an obvious contrast an ecommerce store has from a physical store.

Understanding the transition from retail to etail better than most, BuildaBazaar works as the best ecommerce platform that one could hope for. Launched by Infibeam in 2011, this ecommerce solution builds you your very own web store from scratch, customized the way you want. Plus, it offers seamless payment gateway integration, a robust customer service apps, and logistical support with the help of its logistical arm Shipdroid.

This makes BuildaBazaar the most trusted platform, when it comes to shifting from Retail to Etail.


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