How Mobile app is taking over Desktop Sites in 2016?

Two years back, the digital analysts at GSMA Intelligence had come up with data supporting the fact that there were, in fact, more mobile devices in the world, than the total human population. And the number of mobile devices must have gone beyond 7.22 billion – the number put by GSMA’s real-time tracker in 2014.


One of the most obvious advantages that a mobile app offers over a desktop site, is that you can tag along the mobile with you, anytime and anywhere. So, just the possibility of having the ability to access on your fingertips, makes a mobile app far more practical than a desktop site.

Not just the desktop sites, but a mobile application also fares better when compared to a mobile site. Isn’t it always easier to open an app on your mobile device, than opening your web browser, entering the URL of the website, entering the details of your account on that site, and then proceed. With most of the mobile applications now saving your username and password, and some of them even working offline – you don’t have to worry about logging in every time you open the app; and you might not even need Internet to get your work done.

So, the statistical data that we saw before, combined with the reality we see on a daily basis, is more than enough for us to affirm that Mobiles are one of the most important gadgets that we have today, and the perceivable future also points towards the fact that the smartphones are here to stay – making mobile apps something we can’t afford to ignore. Another statistic says that smartphones today, predominantly use Android operating system. So, any ecommerce venture with its own Android app sure has a distinct edge over the one that doesn’t.

The importance of a mobile application on the growth of a business is best understood by a SAAS-based ecommerce platform called BuildaBazaar. Along with providing a software for you to build up your online store, Buildabazaar also creates your own Android app for FREE. So, if you’re planning for your business to make a foray into the wide world of the web, BuildaBazaar might just be the answer for you.


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