7 Must have Apps Of Buildabazaar to boost your business

Buildabazaar is a SaaS-based D.I.Y platform and provider eCommerce solutions where you can register and get started with your website right away. Buildabazaar allows creation of unlimited store web pages to showcase products. Having your own e-store is no longer an impossible and expensive task. You don’t need to hire a web designer to start your own e-commerce store. BuildaBazaar is considered the best e-commerce platform when it comes to start-ups. The process of making an e-store is so simple that you can just set-up your basic store in just a matter of few hours and you are good to go!

We have powerful widgets which simplify addition of banners, images and content to a web page. You can make changes to the content of the store pages using the on page customization tools. BuildaBazaar is a platform which helps you to make your own web store so that you can sell the products conveniently without even stepping out of your house. We offer you a wide range of options for payment gateways and a team of experienced developers/designers, which helps you right from developing your site to post sales activities. We also provide an inbuilt Inventory Management Apps on the back-end of your e-store. These are a few things you should look out for while deciding on a perfect e-commerce platform. We provide the best e-commerce solutions for your business.

We have a list of a few applications which we offer to improve your business as well as your customer experience. These applications will ease your stress regarding managing your store, improve your sales as well as conversion rates.

1. B’Alive


B’Alive app is not just some Live Chat App but in fact, it is complete business process management. With the help of this app, you can engage your customers live and build relations with them which will change into business deals. You can Give your customer 24X7 voice and chat support with customized Contact Centres. You can engage, connect and convert all your visitors into customers with minimum cost of serving the customers. Our live chat widget can be fully customized to suit your taste. Our customer relationship management gives you easy access to each client. Some of its features include Integrated CRM, customizable chat widget and Complete statistics of visitors and customer analytics. You can also access the chat history for future reference of your conversation with your customer.

2. Zopim

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Zopim live chat is again one of the most preferred live chat apps for your BuildaBazaar store. You can resolve all your customer queries within seconds. It comes with features like unlimited concurrent chat, customizable greetings, automatic translations and much more. This chat feature is highly recommendable for e-commerce merchants to offer quick and hassle free customer support. The key features of this application are that the widget is easy to customize, you get real-time visitor analytics, customizable Greetings, Automatic Translation and seamless integration.

3. Refiral


Refiral is a marketing tool which is highly preferred by BuildaBazaar’s customers for their e-commerce websites. Refiral helps you boost your sales by increasing your website’s conversion rates, acquiring new customers as well as retaining their customers. With the help of Refiral, you can launch your own viral social media campaign. Run personalized, easy to integrate, fully automated marketing campaigns by just integrating Refiral App on your BuildaBazaar store. Few features of this app include Complete customization in which you can maintain the look and feel of your brand and Understand your strengths and weaknesses by using analytics.

4. WebEngage

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WebEngage is a customer engagement tool which is one of the most preferred apps amongst the BuildaBazaar customers. WebEngage will help you to collect feedback, gather customer insights and drive sales. The targeted surveys of WebEngage will help you connect to your customer by asking short questions and convert them into potential leads. You can target the audience based on customized rules like target first-time visitors, targeted visitors who come via Google etc. With WebEngage Feedback solution you can get the complete feedback management & customer support tools.

5. AddShoppers


AddShoppers is one of the Social Media Apps which is integrated on BuildaBazaar’s e-stores. With the AddShoppers social analytics layer, you’ll have access to SKU-level social insights and social commerce apps that increase sharing, track ROI, and more. The advanced social analytics system of AddShoppers will reveal deep insights into the ROI of social sharing, identify your biggest influencers and report them down to the product level. The social sharing buttons of this app allow you to identify Influencers and reward sharing with coupons, which increases shares and encourages shoppers to not abandon your site to search for a coupon code. With AddShoppers, you can access powerful social insights, increase your sharing, and decrease your shopping cart abandonment!

6. Google Analytics

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Google analytics is one of the most preferred Marketing Analytics Apps from the BuildaBazaar app store. A major set of our clients uses this app for accurate marketing analysis of their web-store. Google Analytics provides a comprehensive set of best practices, techniques, and how-to to make the most out of your measurement planning. It shows you full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones.It has features like app-specific metrics and dimensions, audience data and reporting, remarketing tools and real-time reporting. It helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs, wherever they are along the path to purchase. Google Analytics can help you track visitors on how they reached your store and improve customer experience. You can target your marketing activities based on visitor behavior on your site and many more features.

7. Connecto


Connecto is marketing automation tool helps you in engaging your website’s visitors and enhancing their conversions by 20%. Connecto dynamic messaging allows you to target visitors reduce bounce rate and hence conversions by targeting visitors by time spent, location, exit intent, scroll etc. With Connecto, you don’t need any designers to make marketing efforts. You get a wide range of options for templates and target to customize and personalize your site for each and every visitor.

The tool also takes you ahead of time and allows you to target visitors with personalized messaging in real time without interrupting their shopping flow. This app will create a profile for every visitor coming to your site or app. The profile information of the visitor will be used to personalize the offers and messaging for each and every visitor coming on your site.

So these are the top six must have apps of BuildaBazaar app-store which you should integrate on your web-store to enhance the customer experience and ease your way of doing business.


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