How buildabazaar made online booking easy?

Buildabazaar brings to you an easy-to-use, well organised, and a cost effective ticket booking software solution through its Travel and Leisure Distribution Platform. Some of the biggest names in the market, including Adlabs Imagica, HMA, and Chartered cabs are proof of how the Travel Booking Solution offered by Buildabazaar plays an important part in streamlining the whole process of running an ecommerce business.


Buildabazaar’s platform integrates some of the most powerful business management tools, such as built-in automated process flows, a robust e-ticketing engine, tested business intelligence modules, reservation tracking, rich content management, and fare management. Also, with an option to go for a corporate model of your choice, be it B2B or B2C, we offer multiple sales channels to provide your business the best service possible.

Another core feature of our business model is the smooth integration of all leading payment gateways, like CCAvenue, BillDesk, TechProcess, HDFC, and PayPal with your platform. This setup-integration support provided by Buildabazaar further makes sure that you are able to receive payments from your customers in a hassle-free manner.


With an access to Infibeam’s travel inventory (flight, bus, taxi, hotels) at prices, lower than the market prices, we aim to complement the services offered by you. This is how we intend to provide a complete package to your rich end customers.


We strongly believe in providing our clients a steady partnership and a robust solution, hence leaving no stone unturned in making their dream a reality.


Source: SaaS GeeK

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