Why Buildabazaar considered as best e-commerce platform in INDIA

BuildaBazaar  is a best DIY eCommerce platform with the help of which, you can actually build your own store and start your business in just a matter of a few clicks. Having your own e-store is no longer an impossible and expensive task. You don’t need to hire a web designer to start your own e-commerce store. BuildaBazaar is considered the best e-commerce platform when it comes to start-ups. The process of making an e-store is so simple that you can just set-up your basic store in just a matter of few hours and you are good to go!
BuildaBazaar has always been a user-friendly platform. To add to the convenience of the customers, BuildaBazaar has a few featured apps which can be integrated on the e-store for enhanced customer experience. BuildaBazaar offers digital marketing apps like Mail Chimp, Dropifi and Markerly, Online Payment Gateway like PayTM, DirecPay, PayUMoney and many more. The also offer apps for customer interaction like B’Live Chat, Mail Engage and Viral Sweep.

These days, people want to post about everything they like or buy on social media. That’s why it is very essential to keep social sharing buttons on your e-store. BuildaBazaar offers you apps like Add Shoppers, InviteReferrals, StoreBit and a lot more. We know that when you own an e-store, it is very important to monitor its reach and so BuildaBazaar offers you ecommerce analysis apps like Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics and Spring Metrics. So register today on BuildaBazaar and fulfil your dream of owning an e-commerce business.

Source: SaaS GeeK

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